Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello God, It's Me Again

Hello God. It's me again. I'm sorry to bother you as I know there are troubles facing others that are much greater than mine and I know they need you. But thankfully, I know you're always here and you never abandon me. God, I'm so confused. I'm lost in a shuffle of world politics, judgmental views and Your Word. To tell you the truth, I'm lost in translation. I wish I could just sit down with you, have a cup of coffee and some conversation. I wish I could feel your hand come across the table, lay on top of mine and comfort me.

Lord, help me to figure out what I'm doing. Help me to love those who aren't easy to love and accept the imperfections in others that are often the cause of my pain. Thank you for walking this broken road with me and for steering me clear of the pot holes. Help me to keep my eyes looking forward instead of focused on the rear view mirror.


I've decided that I'm going to start this journal or online diary of my journey, my exploration of life. I've never really blogged before and who knows how this will work out, but I'm hoping that if nothing else, it gives me an opportunity to explore myself and challenge the unknowns and even the knowns of the life in front of me. Maybe, just maybe, I can gain a better understanding of the person, the woman, who exists within this body and who is eagerly waiting to be accepted into being.

So...here's goes...
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