Friday, April 1, 2011

Totally Random 80s Flashback

Yesterday I was doing something I never do...writing a paper for class.  (Insert stench of sarcasm here).  Maybe it was one of my frequent "squirrel" moments or just complete and utter randomness, but I began to become nostalgic about Trapper Keepers.  Do you remember those plastic Velcro binders of the 80s?  Of course, now that I'm completely disconnected from paper writing, I run right over to Facebook whereby I post just how nostalgic I am.  As a result, some raised concern about the functioning of my brain, others shared in laughter and one friend reminded me of something that sent me down yet another bunny trail.  Lisa Frank.  Holy 80s flashback Batgirl!  Do I remember Lisa Frank?  Ha!  Do I!  I think I must have driven my mother bananas with my obsession of Lisa Frank school supplies...everything from folders, to Trapper Keepers to stickers.

Do you remember Lisa Frank?  
Do you have any Lisa Frank in your 80s closet?  
What Lisa Frank were you rockin'?

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