Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thoughts from this OK Pastor

My thoughts, as shared with a friend, just a few days post the Oklahoma tornados:

"It's a strange dichotomy to see both heaven and hell in the same place.  As a mother, and an overall feeler, I'm emotionally exhausted...yet thankful to be on this side of the situation.  I think if God told us in advance what was ahead of us, not one sane person would accept this job (ministry), or this life, for that matter.  I think you rely on faith and trust.  But there's still pain.  The Buddhists have this saying, well Buddah does, that in life, pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.  What I've witnessed is the pinnacle of pain...and yet a tremendous amount of faith and perseverance...this refusal to suffer.  Humanity is a strong and tenacious breed.  Beauty rises from the ashes."

**More to come.**

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