Saturday, October 18, 2008

Channeling My Inner Eli Stone

God bless the DVR because without it I swear I would never get to catch anything on TV. There are several shows that interest me but they are rarely on when I'm home or not cooking, cleaning, studying or giving a bath. Feel me?

There is a new show, Eli Stone, that I just started to record. It's not the first season, but its new to me and came highly recommended by several people whose entertainment judgment I tend to trust. Last night, after a long day of playing hard with the kid, I decided I would spread out on the coach and catch up on some TV. Let me just tell you, I was presently surprised by Mr. Stone.

It's nothing profound, but certainly it has a 'prophetic' nature to it. The thing that really caught me was not just the close communication Eli has with a higher power, but also his random outbursts of musical genius. The hilarity was emphasized by the fact that I sat there on my coach thinking, "Oh my Lord, someone is actually as odd as me." I mean, I'm not the only one that would just like to turn my life into some kind of Broadway Musical.

On any given day, things will happen that trigger my inner jukebox to spin out a random song and the next thing I know I'm singing about whatever it is that is going on and it makes absolutely no sense to anyone but me. The looks I get are something else sometimes. So imagine by pure excitement when Eli is recapping his inner George Michael. Things get a little crazy and you all of a sudden have a full on cast performance of Faith by George Michael. Say what you want about Georgie, but some of his tunes are quite catchy and this one, at least the having faith part, can resonate in all of us.

So today I'm going to embrace my inner Eli and my inner George. "I gotta have faith, faith, fai-tha!"

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Scarlett said...

Hey! Just wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog! Steel Magnolia's is one of my favorite movies too :)

Enjoyed your post...I will be back!

Hope you have a blessed week...remember..."Ya gotta have


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