Wednesday, October 8, 2008

No Sermon, Just A Smile

What do you suppose people would do if they sat down in church, prepared to hear a great heart warming and spirit lifting sermon titled "Smile" and then the preacher stood there in silence for 35 minutes?
This thought came to me in the car today as I drove through my neighborhood on the way home and waved and smiled at a person walking by. As I'm waving and smiling like a circus clown, they are staring at me as if I have laser beams coming out of my head. "LASER". Sorry...I'm feeling very Dr. Evil today. What is the deal with people? When did they stop handing out common sense and manners at career day?
Well, being that I'm mildy a lunatic and that a lovely side affect to my neurosis is talking to myself, I proceed to lecture on "when someone smiles at you, the polite thing to do is smile back...PUNK!" That's when it sank in that a sermon needs to be preached about smiling. Come on ya'll...really. It doesn't cause physical pain, uncontrollable vomiting or hives to smile at someone when they smile at you or...God attempt to smile at someone first. When did it become common place to walk around with scowls on our faces as if we're all trying out to take over Larry King's job?
Could you imagine the squirming if you stood and stared at a congregation for the better part of an hour? Just imagine the number of people who would never, ever come back to worship. It's silly and extreme, yes, but there is a point. You have no idea how much the value of your smile can hold. It cost's you nothing to share a smile with someone else...but it could be worth everything for that one person just that one day. Don't be afraid to smile at a child and wave, or to smile at the neighbor walking their dog, or the boy behind the meat counter, the handicapped couple across the restaurant, the special needs gentleman in the library...your own family. A smile can do so much. It's not over rated to give in the most simplest of ways. It's not over rated to love enough to send the very best (thank you Hallmark). You may not be the flashing singing be-bop song card, but your the little pick me up that could change some one's day. You never know if that person is a breath away from death or them make each moment count.

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