Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkins A Sign of Danger

I read an article this morning that says in the state of Maryland, violent and child sex offenders have received a letter that they are to post a paper pumpkin on their door on Halloween to ward off children and inform parents not to approach the door.

The image above is of the pumpkin door sign that was sent to offenders with their letter. The offenders were also instructed to keep lights off and not to answer their doors. Failure to post this pumpkin notice could result in a violation against their probation. Government officials stated in their letter that this was the offenders chance to prove to concerned neighbors that they are trying to make things right and take proper precautions.

This raised many questions in my mind. As a mother, I was comforted by this thought as it is informative. Then again, I believe that once you're 13 you should find something else to do for Halloween, trick-or-treat is for the little ones and thus parents should always accompany their children. That being said, I am comforted by the knowledge one should have as a parent. However, is it fair to the offender who is trying to start over? What is the Christ like thing for us to do with these situations? Lastly, should this be a requirement across the country and not just in Maryland?

Ronald Reagan once said, "trust but verify." Is this a good way of trusting but verifying or is it violating the offenders privacy? What are your thoughts?

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Francois said...

I find this very disturbing. Like you say, it does offer comfort to all parents out there but on the other hand what about somebody who is really trying to start over?

This is such a tough subject and there are arguments for both sides.

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