Thursday, October 9, 2008

The World Has Mad Cow Disease and the Only Cure is More Cow Bell!

We interrupt regular programming to bring you this important message: the world has contracted mad cow disease and the only cure is more cow bell.

Mad cow disease, otherwise known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), is sweeping the country. Mad Cow, according to the FDA, is a chronic, degenerative disorder affecting the central nervous system of cattle. Hmmm, anyone turn on the TV lately? There seems to be a chronic, degenerative disorder affecting the central nervous system of our COUNTRY! The mud and other animal by products found on the floor of most feed lots are being flung around in every possible direction like beer cans at a Hank Williams Jr. concert. The stench of rotten politics is undeniable in the processing of the chemicals which are being spoon fed to numbers of uneducated Americans, we are systematically deteriorating the quality of the product.

For a long time, I thought it was best to separate my politics and my religion. Both are very important to me, but one remains paramount. Without my religion, without my faith, without my God, everything else would be empty. Therefore politics and the lack of ethics that exists within becomes in desperate need of religion. For those who love country and love God, it is hard to define a line between church and state because for you God is so deeply integrated into the fabric of your life that its impossible to fathom how one might separate the two. For me, my ethics and principles and ideals are formulated from the teachings of Christ, from theology, from extensive religious study and life experience.

In the 1960s, along side the civil rights movement, emerged the 2nd Wave of the Feminist movement and with it came a slogan of "the personal is political". I believe that this is not simply a Feminist slogan, but an accurate psycho-social defining of how we as humans react to the world in which we live. For those of us who are or who have previously been victims of some sort of oppression, we seek the liberation of those who are oppressed. For those of us who are breast cancer survivors or any cancer survivor, we become impassioned by the fight for a cure. If we are parents to children with Autism, we strive to find aids and funding and education to further the cause in the fight against Autism and liberating our children for that which can in so many ways oppress them. We fight for Alzheimer's research, we are pro-life or pro-choice, we are a people who were created with hearts that beat and feel and love and even those that have been hardened by the pains that exist in our world, the heart still beats of compassion. We are our politics and our politics are personal.

Therefore, it is important that we see our nightly news in a different fashion. That we view the bovines of capitol hill not for what they say they are but for what they truly are. We have to be truth seekers which means in the very essence of the word seeker, to search out and find that which is actually the facts even if it means we are wrong. Even if it means we have to admit we were fooled by a seemingly diplomatic character or charismatic diplomat.

Our country is loved by so many and fought for by many. Lives have been lost for our liberties and its not so that we can be subjected to the ugliness that is prime time political news crusades. We all know just how much we're hurting as a country and as a family. We are deeply hurt and deeply wounded and we are in need of great care and compassion and we cannot trust those who seek power through destruction to be those who will look for the best interest of our country and our families. There is no such thing as compassionate power...unless you are looking to Christ. Alas, we can discuss our religion with our politics and we must. We must include our ethics and our morals and our values in all that we do or else we are defining ourselves as simply confused situational ethicist's.

Saturday Night Live has had many great years of satire and humor and comedy that have literally made my sides ache and at other times made me want to throw the remote uncompassionately at my television in hopes it would transport itself and smack up side the head the fool writer who wrote some ridiculously unfunny political commentary. That being said, one of my favorite SNL stars of all time is Will Ferrell and Mr. Will is to die for hilarious in the Blue Oyster Cult comedic stint as a man with more talent on the cow bell than anyone before. Of course, the addition of one Mr. Christopher Walken and his desire for more cowbell is priceless.

It's not that we need an FDA or Federal anything approved vaccination. We need more cowbell. We've got to have more cowbell. We need the little things that add a whole lot and we need more of it. We need the little voices to be projected and the hearts of many to be moved by one simple stroke of political genius. We need to stop flinging crud at each other and think that clarifies for the country that we're mature enough to handle leadership of the world. Sticks and stones my friends, sticks and stones. Everyone needs to get a grip, get a cow bell and get to it. Make noise for what matters. Put a little faith in your step and don't be afraid of being ridiculed as a religious freak or Bible thumper because you are not of this world you're just in it. It is when we forget this fact that we go deeply off the wrong end.
God Bless You!

"I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell."

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Francois said...

Hello! Great, great post. I have been following the elections very closely and I hate the fact that it always gets ugly. One campaign seems especially cynical at the moment but I guess it`s because they are under some pressure. I have a definite favourite and I have no doubt it`s the best candidate but then again, what do I know being 12 000km`s away?
Maybe it`s better to look at it from the outside, like I am from a different country. It seems that a lot of people place their faith in the party that they have always supported, the issues seem to take a back seat. I trust that you guys will make the right decision cos it will have a massive impact on the world in general.

On a lighter note, I love Will Ferrell! He is one of the funniest people around.

Love your blog, really cool.

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