Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You See What I See?

How do you know when you see God that it's actually God and not a figment of your imagination? I look forward to your answers.


Shanna said...


Well, first and foremost it must align with scripture. I mean, I must think, according to scripture is this something that God would do?

If the answer is, "Sure, why not?"...

Secondly, I would pray for wisdom from the Holy Spirit.

If it still seems like this incident was possibly from God...

Then at last, I simply make the choice to believe that it is. This step is the hardest for my logical, practical thinking brain. But generally, once I decide to believe (have faith), my muddled thinking becomes clearer...and it seems so obvious that it was God all along.

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog; I'm looking forward to reading more; I loved your insight about the "Pana" movie and how the Lord uses a lot of different things to get our attention and teach us things he wants to show us

to answer your question that you posed in this entry; when the impossible happens and you just know it was nothing you did that make it happen and that there had to be someone else that caused it to happen and that someone is the God of all creation and the one true God (that's just one answer that quickly came to mind)


Slacker Mom said...

Man. I was TRULY hoping to scroll and see a huge number of comments! I thought I'D gain insight, by the insight of others.

I have no idea. I stay absolutely confused!

Wondering if you are going to repost this entry? More readers....more responses?

ginabad said...

Often times, it's an answer to a prayer (and not always the answer I want!). There is a feeling like confirmation in my gut, and most of the time, I see the same answer in events and things around me. I can be dense, God usually needs to hit me over the head before I see!

BTW, fantastic blog, I love the title!
What Next, God?

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