Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Uber Amazing Blog!

Oh happy day!!!! I just got a blog award from a bloggie friend and awesome blogger, Francois. Thank you, thank you, Francois. I'm honored and totally thrilled! So, in the spirit of giving awards, I have 5 blogs I'd like to further award as Uber Amazing!

1. Francois - for sure, even though he already has one.
2. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
3. beloved Mama
4. Diary of a Domestic Goddess
5. Learning Life's Lessons
6. Learning at His Feet

I love all of my readers and the blogs I follow, so please check them out.


Heather Nicole said...

Congratulations! I voted for you as well on My Sunshine :)

And thank you for voting for DOADGIT!

All this blog love is making want to bake a cake!

beloved Mama said...

Thank you :o) I love your blog too. It's fresh and refreshing...

freddie said...

I could not resist the name of your blog, absolutely fantastic and a great blog beside its name
ciao from rome

Francois said...

Very well deserved, definitely one of my first stops every day. I adore your blog!

Thanks for reciprocating and for the really kind words!

Ps. Heather, just ship us a duplicate cake to SA, we`ll make sure it doesn`t last very long!

Indigo said...

Congratulations dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Darryl said...

Well deserved on your part! Thanks for honoring my blog as well . . . I look forward to sharing posts with one another for a long time to come.

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