Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dental Surgery Update

I survived round one. After 2 1/2 hours (much longer than predicted), I stumbled out of the doctor's office, hubs holding me up and helping me not to fall on the ice. The surgery wasn't too painful until the shots started to wear off...then it got a bit uncomfortable. The great news, is that the dentist did some contouring to my gums while she was working on me, so I have bigger, prettier looking teeth now. The bad news, is that she only did the upper part of my mouth. I will be going back on Monday to get the lower half done.

So, minus the fact I kinda look like I've been in a fight with Mike Tyson and my mouth hurts pretty bad right now...all went really well. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.


Becky said...

oh...dental work isnot my favo thing to have done....hope you feel better today

Indigo said...

Last year I had to have so much work done (I will never have that perfect smile) due to having been hit one too many times in the mouth, jaw. Add in my teeth being stripped with my pregnancy. At the time I concieved I was a mere 90lbs.
In any case the dentist is NOT my favorite person nor will he ever be. In the end alot of work and a bridge and I'm good as new. Hopefully I can just do cleaning appt. now and not have the hours spent in that horrible chair. So I do in every way feel for you. (Hugs)Indigo

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