Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sweet Essence of Christmas

Christmas was magnificent this year. The stockings were hung, the cookies left out, the Hambone snoring sweetly and wrapping paper covering the floor. It was simply delightful.

This was the best Christmas I can remember in years. Hambone is old enough now to really get into things like Santa and Jesus's Birthday. He kept singing Happy Birthday Jesus and it warmed my heart in so many ways. So often we are unable to celebrate the holidays with those we love, but this year was different. We were surrounded by so much love and joy and hope that it is impossible to measure the wonder of this holiday season. The only way it would be better is if we had those we have lost back with us...of course, they are with us anyway if you really think about it.

The next three weeks are going to be a bit crazy. I have two weeks to read, write and prepare for my next class which is a one week intensive course in Kansas City starting the 12th. I'll get home in time to have one day to pack up my family and then we're heading to Hawaii for two whole weeks. I'm absolutely psyched. Hubs, Hambone and I will be joining my parents as well as my brother and his girlfriend for this once in a lifetime trip. I'll be writing about it while I'm there as well as posting photos so you'll have to stay tuned as that approaches.

Anyway, I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you how wonderful our Christmas was and that I hope yours was just as perfect. I also wanted to do something that is a little hard for me and that is to ask for prayers. Hubs and I had a terribly hard time conceiving Hambone because I have PCOS/PCOD. It took us two and a half years to conceive and went through hell on earth in the process...but we got our miracle. We have been seriously considering trying for another one and so we are. I am pumped full of fertility meds, hormones and vitamins. We're praying that we conceive soon and have another beautiful and healthy miracle. Of course, we know it won't be possible without your prayers. If you think about it, please add us to your prayer list. Of course, I am always more than happy to return the favor of prayer any time.

Happy Holidays everyone! And God Bless you always!!!

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Nitewrit said...

We will certainly add you to our prayers.

Larry E.

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