Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Won't Make You Love Me

I Won't Make You Love Me

I'm in your life and your in mine,
We can't change the hands of time.
There is no control over the choices others make
Just grace to get us through until another day.

I'm sorry that you're frustrated with my presence.
I'm sorry that you wish I'd go away and leave you alone.
I'm sorry that you want me only when you need something,
And I'm sorry that I'll never be good enough or live up to the standards you've shown.

I never meant to cause so many problems or be the catalyst of so many tears.
It wasn't my intention to make you fell inadequate or ashamed or angry.
I've only just wanted to be me; the me God asked me to be.
I know its not easy for you to accept who I am or what I have become.

Can't you see I just want to be loved, needed, accepted, you?
Can't you see how much I love you? Can you truly be that blind?
Do you really think I mean to hurt you? Why do you run from me?
So we're not exactly the same, or of the same 'kind', can't you see it doesn't matter when we speak of love?

God, I wish people could just understand I want to love them. I want to care for them and show them a better way.
God, why do people run from me, into darkness and out of day?
If they only knew how much I loved them so would they still run?
If only they had seen my blood that day, they might know that I AM the Son.

As much as it hurts, I won't make you love me.
I won't make you take my hand and let me free you from your chains.
I won't make you find salvation, or truth, or love, or faith, or even hope.
I won't make you love me, but my love for you will always be.

I don't love you because I have to, but because I want to.
I don't love you because your perfect, but because your not.
I don't love you because your my brother and sister, I love you because we are of the same spirit.

So I won't make you love me and I won't make you believe,
But I won't leave you alone; I can't.
I won't walk away, I'll always be here.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but maybe someday you can reach your arms out to me as widely as I reached them out for you.
Like our Father to us..."I Loved You This Much!"

Written by Tiffany D'Amours
Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

this is awesome! thanks for sharing it

Nitewrit said...

Is this one of your poems? You don't actually say. It is nicely constructed and has a good layering to draw one in.

Larry E.

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