Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tackling the Issues

Recently, I started talking with an old friend. This friend has challenged me to a debate...which I welcome and am excited about. Not only because it keeps my mind fresh to new ideas, but it gives me an extra reason to do personal research and come to conclusions on some of today's hot button topics.

Thus, I've decided to use those conversations as a new Coffee Talk Series called Tackling the Issues. Depending on the frequency of these debates with my friend, you will see recaps of his comments and then my responses posted here.

To add a little sugar and spice to the mix, this friend and I are polar opposites.

1. He's male. I'm female.
2. He lives in a largely liberal and urban community. I live in a small urban community in a largely conservative state.
3. He's a self described Atheist. I'm, well, in the I kinda believe in God. :)
4. He's a ultra liberal, left wing Democrat. I'm a moderately conservative, registered Republican (who by the way, votes for the best candidate, not always the Republican).
5. He's an engineering major with major brain cells. I'm a women's studies major gone seminarian who knows how to look smart.
6. He's married. I'm married with a child.

What do we have in common: well, that's a long story, but in general, we went to high school together ions ago.

Let me tell you, thus far, this debate is shaping up to be quite something. Be sure to tune in and leave your two cents, no matter which way you feel your cookie crumbling. You'll know its part of the debate when it says Tackling the Issues: (Issue).

Is there a debate you want me to debate with my friend? Let me know. I'll see if we can't tackle it.

Disclosure: These are issues that get everyone riled up. Though my friend and are on own opposite 'teams' we have agreed to remain respectful, considerate and constructive. Understand, that I'm expecting the same from any comments we receive. I'm not for deleting comments, but for the well-being of all, make sure you follow the RCC code (respectful, considerate, constructive) when engaging in dialogue.

Alright...are you "Ready to Rumble?"

** dear sweet lovable democratic best should pop in your two cents too.

1 comment:

summernicole said...

hello my dear sweet republican best friend!! This could be fun, we already know we love debating hot topics, I am excited about this series!

hot topic: global warming! this could get us going to some interesting places!

You and I haven't gone there yet and it's something I'm pretty passionate about. I don't even care if people believe in global warming, what I care about is that we start finding ways to be better to the environment. Taking care of the environment is something we should all be interested in (regardless of whether you believe in global warming which I tend to believe is fact and not so much opinion.) Regardless, we need to respectful to the place that we love and cherish so much so that our future generations aren't left to deal with what we've left behind.

I believe in treating one another respect and diginity and how you would want to be treated and I believe planet earth should be treated the same way.

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