Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healthcare - Boo! Aaah!

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Who needs the children of the corn, or Steven King or large quantities of dive bombing killer birds when we have the health care reform debates. I mean seriously, is there anything that makes people squirm, leave a family reunion or scares people out of their minds with just the notion of talking about it like health care reform does?

I turned on the news this morning to try and connect with the life and times of our global community. First of all, never brave to do this without first downing at least one cup of coffee and spending time with God in devotion. The coffee makes a tremendous difference, but God makes all the difference. Watching the news prior to spending time with God just depletes my system of all hope. But putting God first (this really shouldn't be a shocker), starts my spirit off right.

These health care debates are intense, no doubt about it. I suppose I could get wrapped up in the fear being generated by some on both sides of the aisle, but I know better than to put my trust and faith in mankind and I know better than to fear.

It is only this ladies opinion, but as I see it, we DO need health care reform. Medical costs are just ludicrous (I paid $60 for one aspirin for my husband when he had surgery...don't get me started on the other bogus charges), pharmaceuticals are acting in criminal ways, too many are without any health care, and people are dying for lack of treatment. This is NOT okay.

We are to care for each other. Jesus healed the sick, cared for the sick, made time for the sick. The sick mattered to Christ and I guarantee you Jesus was not waiting for the Jerusalem health care reform bill to kick in to help these people. What we have in our midst is shameful. It is our job as the church, as people of Christ, to care for each other, to help the poor, the sick, the children and the widows/widowers. We stand by waiting for a political leader to save us, when Christ already has.

I believe in change and that we as a country are in dire need of change. I believe that we need a better way for all to receive health care. However, the proposal on the table right now has more holes than Augustus National and it won't fix our problems anyway. To accept bad change just because its called change, is not the right way to go. I'm not here continuing to propagate the wheel of fear. I'm simply saying we are fools if we invest all of our faith into a man-made health care system and...where ever did our sense of entitlement come from?

Honestly, we sound like a bunch of spoiled brats. There are people in our world who are dying from simple virus's because we are not getting vaccinations to them. In our country we don't fear mosquito bites for anything more than an itchy annoyance, yet other people see them as the carrier of death. What about feeding the hungry? What about learning to properly care for ourselves, to eat right, to live right, to make healthier choices for ourselves and our families?

Like I said, health care needs reformation. Our elderly should not be neglected; no one should be neglected from proper health care. We all desire a good quality of life. My main concern is how quickly this bill is being asked to pass. Something of this magnitude needs time, it needs planning, it needs insight and extensive research needs bi-partisan support. We, the people of this country, need to move past pride to work together to find a solution and workable system. And as flaws appear, which they will because its not going to be a perfect system, then we need to address them head on together. This is not utopia, this is the way we are intended to work together in community.

I would like to turn on the news one morning and see Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists and others, all coming together to speak out about crimes against humanity - global humanity and the lack of attention to the sick, the the ill of God's children, all of us, around the world. We are all entrusted with caring for each other. Let us seek the Word of God for guidance, let us pray to God for God's will to be done in global health care initiatives and let us care for one another. Maybe, just maybe, if the US can work together to construct a health care bill made of complimentary policies that truly care for all, including elderly, we can then set the stage to help other countries develop similar systems.

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