Saturday, December 12, 2009

5 Things I Won't Be Doing This Christmas

1.  I will not be shopping at the last minute. 
2.  I will most likely not be frolicking in big puffy snow.  It doesn't really snow here, must to my disappointment.
3.  I will attempt to not be stressed out about family events or over the little things.  Instead, I will spend more time focusing on the real meaning of the season.
4.  I will not be buying candy canes this year.  Just a big broken and sticky mess.
5.  I will not be making my husband run to the grocery store during a Saturday afternoon...ever again.  ;-p  Did that last week and he about lost his mind.

What are five things you won't be doing?

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Heather Nicole said...

Good list - unfortunatly it seems I WILL be doing last minute shopping :-)

Andrea said...

Great list....
I will not be buying candy canes, either.
I likely will not be going out in the snow, bc it doesn't snow much here. If we get it I would be happy, though.
I will not be going out at the last minute to shop.
I will not be baking lots of deserts.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

carma said...

I've noticed that husbands are unable to go to the grocery store without phoning home approximately every 3-1/2 minutes with questions. At least that's how it goes at our place :D

Welcome to SITS!! I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers...

Joy said...

Freddae, snow is overrated. I promise. ;o)

Welcome to the SITS community!

J Myer said...

Sadly it took me awhile to figure out where to comment on your blog. Otherwise I would have said hi earlier. I'm so glad you've been able to see Jonathon thru my blog. It's been fun to keep tabs on you through facebook and now your blog. I'm glad to see you are doing well (busy, but well). :) Looking forward to staying in touch more. In the mean time, Merry Merry Christmas!

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