Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Hambone!

Ham at Epcot today. He bought the glasses with his own money.

- A couple months before our trip we decided to make countdown calendars so Ham would know how much longer until we went "to see Mickey". He'd get one sticker to put on the calendar to count down the day and one if he was good, went to the potty, took a nap without complaining...etc. We called the second stickers "Disney Dollars.". Ham managed to earn $85...note to parents, consider how many days out it is from your'll cost ya if you don't. My baaad!

Before our trip, Ham and I took his $85 to the Disney store and got a Disney gift card that is good at the park. We also got him a Cars wallet for a dollar in the discount bins at Target. As he's finding things he wants, I give him his wallet and he hands the cast member the card and pays for it himself. This has been a great idea with no whining and "I want that" chants.

Happy New Year from Ham and his parents.

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Single Mama said...

What a clever idea!!!! I will have to save it in the back of my mind :) Happy New Year to you too!!! Enjoy Disney!!!

Shell said...

That's such a great idea!

I had to scroll quickly past the pic b/c my boys are sitting right here and if they see his Mouse Ears, they will know you are at Disney and beg to go again. I'd love to oblige them, but when we went this summer, it was because we had a free trip from Hubs' work- and it ain't happenin' this year.

~Billie~ said...

What a great idea! And such a cute picture!

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