Tuesday, January 12, 2010

About the Word...

...what's your favorite:
  • Book of the Bible
  • Story in the Bible
  • Bible Character
  • What's one thing you'd like to study more about in scripture?  (Role of women, marriage, faith, prayer, abstinance, forgiveness, fasting?)
We want to hear from you!

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Kelli McKay-Conrady said...

I love the story of Jonah. Hints then name of my son.

Favorite bible verse is Isaiah 40:29-31

Misty Rice said...

Hi and what an adorable blog you have. I look forward to viewing it more. Thanks for stopping by and joining.


Misty Rice said...

Hey where did you find the "word" design photo in this post? Just curious as another girl I know made something that is almost identical to it. :)

Also, who created your blog? I am searching out a makeover.


Freddae' said...

It's an awesome design! I found it in a photobucket album of a friend of mine. Not sure where she got it, so there was no one to source. I've done a Google search on it and found this blog with several of these "wordle's".


My blog was designed by Jennisa at Onceuponablog.com. She's fabulous!

Lauren said...

Book of the Bible: Songs of Solomon
Bible Character: Jesus, of course. :)
Study More: How to trust God, be non-judgmental/non-condemning, patient, giving, loving, understanding...

Lynette said...

I love Isaiah and Psalms.
I would love to be like Jesus.
I want to live my life pleasing to the Lord, not move unless He speaks and hear is voice clearly.

Believer said...

I started watching the 1960 movie version of "Ruth" last night and wish I could have finished. Brilliant!

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