Friday, February 12, 2010

Team USA News

As for Coffee, God and Me, we are cheering on Team World.  I know, it sounds a little fluffy and hippie-ish, but, I'm watching the Olympics not to see my USA team cream any other team.  I just want to watch the most amazing atheletes in the world do incredible things.  That being said, if I WERE to root for a team, I would choose my country just from pure logistics...that, and I love my country.  So...let's go Team USA!!!  Bring home the Gold.

In that spirit, I want to tell you about Team USA News.  Anyone who registers at (the official web page of Team USA) will have be up to date with the most current and exclusive Team USA info. 

Sign up to experience the insider’s view of the

 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver!

Be part of Team USA for 18 incredible days of competition!
  • Receive exclusive updates during the Winter Games
  • Get the inside scoop, event by event
  • Hear directly from our Olympic athletes as they chase their dream
  • Photo and video highlights, right to your desktop

Go visit Team USA and grab this widget for your blog.

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1 comment:

♥Georgie♥ said...

Great Post...i am really thrilled to watch the best of the best athletes exciting!
I just stumbled upon your blog so glad I did

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