Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Having a Beagle Situation

I have a Beagle that is almost 1 year old that my son is madly in love with.  Beagle Boy is a member of our family and most days, we adore him. not that day.

The Beagle is driving me crazy.  He just barks and barks and barks and barks.  It doesn't matter how much food, water, toys, etc. I keep giving him...he won't stop barking.  The second we put him outside he starts barking.  I don't want to give him up, but the barking has GOT to stop.  Can anyone help?  Any ideas? 

You're desperate and grateful friend,

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

We have a dachsund mix who barks at anything, everything, and nothing. We've had her three or four years now and I haven't figured out how to get her to stop barking. So if you find out anything let us all know.

Missie said...

Unfortunetly, beagles excessively bark. That's just what they do. It seems he's barking because he's outside and you're all inside. What about only taking him to do his duty and a little playtime with your son. I have a Yorkie who also loves to bark at everything.

Jen said...

My dog is a barker too!! Ugh! Drives me crazy! My husband says it's because I give him attention when he barks such as food, water etc. I am sure he's probably right!! Don't have any suggestions for ya but if you figure something out send the tip my way! :)

Ice Pony Girl said...

Beagles ROCK! My Molly is 10 yrs old and loves to Aroo!

Come join the Happy Tails Beagle List. Great place to meet other beagle owners and get help for your barking issue.

Here's a link...hope to see you there.

Ice Pony Girl
Molly, Beagle
Lucy, Aussie Kelpie

Andrea said...

I really know little about dogs, but I can certainly understand your frustration. He is very adorable, though!

God bless,


Andrea said...

My sisters shake a can with some coins in to at their dogs when they bark. Other than that, I got nothing!! Good luck!

Rene W. said...

I had a neighbor who had a beagle & it would do the same all day when she was away. It is in their nature, I'm afraid. I think they get very family attached & want to be right with you. But maybe with a little treat training & lots of toys to keep him busy. Good luck!

TheChattyMom said...

Stopping in from the UBP. I had a neighbor who had the same problem...I wanted to kill that dog sometimes (just being honest). They are so darn cute, but have one of the worst barks. My husband had a beagle when he was little...I'll ask him for some advice and pass it along to you.

Kelli said...

Not always a popular choice but we have used a bark collar before.

Laura said...

We almost got a beagle once. We have four sons, and I always thought a beagle was a true "boy's dog."

Then someone told us their main mission in life is to dig out and we gave up the beagle idea.

Not much help, huh? But I can sympathize!

Leslie said...

Hi, Just stopping by from Steph's blog at Sharing the Pages of Life. I've heard that beagles bark a lot. Have you gone through any obedience classes with him? Perhaps a trainer can help you with the barking. I had to go thru several sessions of obedience school to get our dog to respect me and listen to me. Prior to that, only my husband could control him.

Unfortunately, our dog is a barker too, however, he at least comes when I call him and obeys me now.

Good Luck and Blessings, Leslie

Freddae' said...

Thanks for all of your advice and help, friends. He's still barking but I thinking we're seeing a slow tone down. I've been told he just wants constant attention, but that's not going to work in my hectic lifestyle. Oh well...we're learn to live together somehow. Thanks again bloggie friends!!

My Life is Pink said...

Dogs are cute but only if they are someone else's dog. I had a dog when I was a child but have since become a cat person. Cats don't bark. Cats don't do anything except eat and sleep and listen to me rant and ramble. :)

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