Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Eliza Doolittle Day

  I was reading news articles on NPR today when I stumbled across the one whose title was wishing me a happy Eliza Doolittle day!  Being the fan of classic Hollywood that I am and the huge fan of Audrey Hepburn that I am, I of course stopped immediatly to read on.  Afterall, if there was a day devoted to celebrating one of my favorite characters of all time, shouldn't I be aware of it?

"In Act One of My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle, the Cockney flower girl learning to speak like a lady, fantasizes about meeting the king. Of course, because it's a musical, she sings:
'One evening the king will say, 'Oh, Liza, old thing - I want all of England your praises to sing. Next week on the twentieth of May, I proclaim Liza Doolittle Day.'"
- Marc Acito, author of the article Speak Up And Celebrate 'Eliza Doolittle Day'; NPR

Mr. Acito really got me thinking when he provoked readers at the end of his article to "think before we speak".  How often is it that we fail to articulate ourselves well?  Living in the south, as I have for the last ten year of my life, I have noticed my movement from utter shock of the language to employing the language almost daily.  In fact, I suppose I probably use "y'all" just about as much as some valley girls use "like".

Anyway, this is just a really interesting article that is much more enjoyable to read than the latest news on the war, the oil spill or God forbid, more politics.  Ugh.  So, if you're like me and just want any old opportunity to celebrate something, celebrate Eliza Doolittle Day.  Whatever it is that Eliza means to you, celebrate.  For me, her character was about overcoming adversity, abject poverty, oppression, ridicule, rejection, and much more.  She had a dream to one day speak like a lady.  No matter the obstacles, she persevered through them with class.  No one ever told Eliza chasing her dream would be easy.  But...chasing her dream made her who she is.  God wouldn't have given us the ability to dream if God didn't intend for us to do so.


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myletterstoemily said...

i adore eliza since i sound as bad
as she did at first!

how are you doing, little freddae?

iola said...

I am a fan of Audrey because of my sixteen year old daughter. Can ya believe it? She is so taken with Audrey Hepburn, her style,grace and beautiful face.
I will have to share this with her.

Lynette said...

I have great admiration for anyone who manages to rise above her circumstances.

alabaster cow said...

hi from the lady bloggers tea party! love that you're a christian and a feminist and interested to learn more. i'm your newest follower. :)

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