Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Little Interference and a Whole Lotta' Feedback

Why is it that the world seems so bent on knocking people down in order to elevate itself? It doesn't take long to find evidence of this in mainstream media, global political affairs, domestic issues, university classrooms, scholarly writing, our pews.

I personally think the world has got it all wrong. Nothing, let me repeat, NOTHING, can be gained through the destruction of another human being. I don't believe it matters what form this destruction takes, it cannot be justified because the word justified indicates some form or action in the realm of justice and there is no justice in the annihilation and disfigurement of another person's well being.

The title of this writing includes the word interference, which in Physics means the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or canceled. In Football, interference can be defined as the action of illegally interfering with an opponent's ability to catch a passed or kicked ball. It is interesting to note that the word is also used in other sports such as baseball and hockey, but in the terms of the 'illegal hindering of another player's ability'. *All definitions came from the Oxford American Dictionaries.*

We can start to see a very clear image here and that is the negative undertone, overtone or simply just the plain tone of the essence of the very word. Thus, when applied to our every day life, how do you think it translates when we find ourselves interferring in other people's lives? Don't get me wrong, there is a distinct difference between 'being involved' and 'interfering'.

Interference, in itself, can be the cause and affect of destruction. We may not like a particular person, we may love a particular person but not like what they are doing; the bottom line, is that we find ourselves ordaining our own beliefs as gospel and thus try to impose our thinking upon others and if others don't want to readily accept our dose of how things should be done, then we will systematically annihilate what they are doing.

Not agreeing with someone's point of view is NOT a good reason to keep them from getting a job, from saying things behind their back that false and destructive in nature. Getting in the way, 'hindering' a person's ability to make a difference in the lives of others in order to serve your own personal socio-political agenda is NOT okay. Contrary to popular belief, putting others down in order to lift yourself up is a counter constructive measure. You have nothing to gain from doing that and in fact, you put yourself in a position of great loss.

I urge you to be mindful of what you do, the words you say and how you treat your neighbor. If you stood before God and tried to 'justify' your actions against your brother or sister, what do you think God would have to say back to you? If you shutter to think of the answer, maybe you should shutter to think of the question. Don't interfer, don't hinder, don't be a stumbling block to others. As we produce interference, we get great feedback, and the great feedback is seldom 'great' but rather greatly disheartening. Do something to give back even when you don't want to. Find away to fill yourself with the water to nourish others personal growth, not with the poison to kill them.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" - Jesus
Matthew 19:19 (NIV)

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self" - Jesus
Matthew 19:19 (KJV)

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