Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where in the World is...GOD?

Photo by: Madelyn Herring

My friends, I have great news. God is everywhere! I saw God yesterday in the face of a child, and on TV in the images of Scotland and in a book, through the voice of a teacher and the song of a lost soul.

Some people spend their whole lives looking for God. They try to find El Shadai in mountain ranges, concertos, yoga, writing and so on. The thing is, God can be found in anything, anywhere and at anytime. We don't really need to look for God, we just need to keep our eyes open and God will come into view. We're never alone and we're always in the presence of God, unfortunately, we're often too preoccupied to know that what we saw was indeed our God.

The other day I was asked to meditate on my day. I closed my eyes, took deep breathes. The instructor told me to think about my day and the things that happened, the people I spoke to, the places I went and try to identify where God was. Where did I see God today? That was the lesson of the meditation.

As I took deep breathes and visualized myself walking through my day, I could easily identify moments, people, places, things that had to have been God. I remembered things that were said, hugs, challenges. It was so strange to me because it seemed so simple. Why hadn't I thought of this before? Why hadn't I practiced this exercise of spiritual worship before? It wasn't hard or complicated. It was simple, basic, easy. Just close my eyes, think of my day and find God in it.

This happened two days ago and since then it has really transformed how I look at my day. Not only do I take a few moments at the being of my prayer time with God to do this type of reflection, but I am now more aware of the presence of God throughout my day and I can identify God when things happen. I've noticed too that God is found not just in the 'nice' things, but you can find God in the hard things too. When someone says something that hurts, I find God comforting me. When I get a big bill in the mail that I'm not sure how I'm going to afford paying for, I feel God's peace. When I get frustrated with my son, I see God pointing out his beautiful smile or innocent eyes or tiny hands. All of this makes me think about life and when things seem hard or easy, I can't forget that I'm not alone and I can truly give the glory to God.

Try doing this an see how it transforms your spiritual life.

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