Friday, September 26, 2008

What Goes In Your Chest?

Photo by: Steve Bingham
"The Hope Chest"

There is no surprise that with the current shape of the economy, that most people and families are really struggling. My family is no different. Things are so tight right now that I need to take out a loan for my own two cents...lucky for you I offer it here for free.

I'm so blessed and beyond grateful for all that God has given me, but I cannot help but feel hopeless when Hubs's medical bills keep rolling in from his recent back surgery, when the daycare bill comes due, when I stand in the grocery story worrying about how I'm going to afford that gallon of milk this week with the cost of pull-ups. The only thing that gets me through is knowing that God will provide, my Lord always does. God helps me to overcome the moments of shame I feel when I can't buy something and I start to get down on myself. For the first time in my life, I have shoes that talk to me.

This has been an incredibly humbling experience. It's highlighted my insecurities and challenged me to face those things and to face my pride. I like to think I focus on much more than money, but the sinner in me can't help but want that new pair of shoes, or the trip to Maui or the rest of the things that I don't 'need' to survive. Since I'm in survival mode, I've decided it appropriate to make a list. (Sorry, I'm a big list person). This is my survival list; the items I need to survive. Think about it...what things would you really need to survive?

My mom is really into genealogy. Her and I were talking a while back and she told me that our ancestors, who traveled to the States from Germany, had to pack all of their belongings in one 'hope' type chest. Everything that was important to them, the entire family which often ran over 8 members, had to be packed in this one solitary chest. Can you imagine having to do that now? What if your spouse came home tomorrow and told you you had to move and the only things you could take with you for the whole family were what fit into that one, single, solitary chest...what would you take with you?

Possessions can't be taken with us. No matter how much I lOvE me some shoes...they aren't worth what I pay for them, let alone have the lasting value that I need. The most important thing I can pack in my chest or put on my survival list, the one thing I can't live without, is my faith, my God, God's word. I know that this too shall pass. It has to, right? Of course it does, but then something else will happen. I need to remind myself that it does me no good to stand at the edge of the water waiting for the ship to come may never. Instead, I need to get my feet wet, play in the water and thank God for the grace that's showered upon me.

So...what goes in your chest or on your survival guide? Warning: You may find that in examining this part of who you are, that you need work on priorities...welcome it, don't run from it. God knows the pressure's of the world and we're loved anyway. What a Wonderful God we have!

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Toknowhim said...

Saw your blog picture on my blog and thought I would come by and say hello... Feel free to come and visit my blog anytime. I sure do need to keep up with writing posts more than I have lately :)


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