Sunday, September 28, 2008

Of Faith and Football

If you're an avid football fan like I am, then you'll know that there are stadiums across the country on a beautiful Sunday as this, that are full of fans who have turned out for the passion of their team. Adorned in team gear, sometimes with faces painted, they turn up with spirits and hopes high and a prayer or two in case their beloved team has a run in with the turnover fairy.

I love football. I love it on Friday nights when the high school crowds are all jazzed up. Though I haven't been to a high school game in quite some time, I remember fondly the days when I would go just to be a part of it all. I love football on Saturday's when I proudly cheer for my OU Sooners! I love it on Sunday's when the Broncos are bringing their game to the opponent. I love the unity of fans around you...everyone cheering for the same thing, screaming and clapping for jobs well done and bowing their heads to pray when a team mate falls in pain. The OU Sooners call this Sooner Nation. It's a gathering of people who have come together for one goal and together feel the joy of the wins and the sorrow of the losses.

I think our faith families are like this for us. They are a group of people who show up, even when the weather is not so beautiful and icicles are hanging from their eye brows. No one screams louder when you succeed and no one prayers harder when you're down and out and need to get back in the game. The great thing about faith families, is that unlike football, you don't have an opponent of people really, it's an opponent of temptations. But like football, when we get together and are led as a team by God, the best coach imaginable, we are sure to win...even if we get knocked down from time to time. You see, we'll all suffer unfair blows, bad calls, turnovers, fumbles...but none of those really matter at the end. What matters is that you played with heart and that you played together. Christ was the greatest example of this frequently heard expression, "One for all and all for One." God's the coach, Jesus the captain and we, we are the team...and we're all for the One, because the One was all for us...and still is!

As a side note, a while back, hubs and I rented a movie about faith and football. It seemed like a no brainer since we love both so much. We truly enjoyed the film and I would like to suggest it to you. It's a great family movie. One must realize it is a little dry compared to the big Hollywood box office hits. Don't sit down thinking this is an Oscar winner, but sit down as if it were a Bible will truly be touched by the film Facing the Giants.


Carol Van Atta, Princess Warrior said...

Loved your post. I'm not a big football fan (baseball over here) but I'm a big fan of God. Thanks for sharing. God bless you!

Francois said...

Hayley and I absolutely LOVE football movies! We are Marshall is one of our favourites. I have heard a lot of good things about Facing the Giants and I think you have convinced me to watch it. I`ll definitely let you know once we have seen it.

God bless!

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