Thursday, October 23, 2008

Red Trench Coat

Like a tear falling from the face of God,
the leaves of fall trickle down.
Down the gravel road they twist and turn,
Red leaves, these leaves, from thy crown.

Exalted name, oh blessed be,
I hear your whispers in the trees,
And when the cool of autumn arrives,
I behold them with my emblazoned eyes.

Fallen tears of orange and red,
Fallen sin upon her head,
Fallen like the angels bed,
Fallen but not dead.

She, oh she, her arms a cloak,
Her very presence infiltrates my soul,
As I stare in wonder and in fear,
She takes me captive within the inferno.

I climb the veins of time and am surrounded by the power,
Ner there was a stronger one to take my life this hour.
I reach to heaven, though fury bound,
This time I will not touch the ground.

Sweet Jesus your tears they're falling now,
I know they fall for me,
The blood stained tears of red, these leaves they are afloat,
And on my life I were them still, your blood my red trench coat.

Written by Tiffany D'Amours
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved


Francois said...

Tiffany, that was awesome.

Kevin Davis said...

Very good - thought provoking.

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