Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remembering to Say Grace

When we hear the words, "say grace", we think of the dinner table, possibly thanksgiving, but none-the-less, we think of a food related event in which we thank God for those who prepared the meal and the mouths who are about to partake in it.

But today, saying grace means something a little bit more profound. I believe we say grace more frequently than we think we do. We say grace when we talk about our mistakes and the forgiveness we've received. We say grace when we discuss the forgiveness we've given. We say grace when we pray for our enemies, welcome strangers, love the unloved, feed the poor, fight for the justice of the oppressed. We say grace when we talk about Jeremiah the Old Testament prophet and we say grace when we talk about Christ our Savior.

Grace isn't just a prayer over food, but it is the seasoning of life and we are in the season of life. A season that is our life, a season that is the life of Christ lived through the body of Christ - us. We are the life, Christ is the grace and this is His table where we rest our tired arms upon our dusty elbows. This is His table where we bow our heads and say grace.

I invite you this day to say grace as much as you can. Bless others with grace. Be of grace. Be graceful. And always, always, be gracious!


Darryl said...

Great words! While you are absolutely correct in pointing out that we say grace more than we realize, I fear that we fail to say it as often as we should, myself included . . .

Thanks for sharing!

Francois said...

Nice one Tiffany

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