Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blue Box Blues Meets Mommas New Friend

I have a new obsession!

Hubs, Hambone and I went to the house of some church friends of ours on Friday night for dinner. The Mrs. had made a dessert from her recently received Kraft Foods magazine. It was delicious. Let me just show you a picture.

White Chocolate-Raspberry Cheesecake Bars - In other words, Holy Lord these are Heavenly Bars.

Mrs. showed me the magazine and I was hooked. She said I could go to and sign up for free and they will send me a magazine five times a year. So, I went online and did just that. Then I realized that by signing up I got a free online recipe box. Now when I find a recipe I like, I can just click 'save to my recipe box' and there it will stay.

I'm thrilled about this and have spent way too much time dorking around the site picking out all kinds of recipes. I'm in love...really...its sad. Go forth, dear friends, and check it out. And PLEASE...if you know of any other awesome sites like share!!!!

PS. If you click on the magazine cover at the top, it will take you directly to the online version of the Kraft Magazine I was looking at while at my friends house. You're going to love this.


Vicki said...

My husband, Jim, said that I would like your blog. Yes, indeedy I do. In fact I pasted the Kraft site as a favorite so I can do some real cookin' this week.
I am pasting your link to my blog. You are welcome to recipricate if you so desire.

a corgi said...

thanks; I checked it out and will be back later when I have more time to check it out more; always looking for new recipes :)


Indigo said...

Thank you for that link. I'm hosting Pauls family get together this year in my home right before Christmas. I could use all the help I can get with a few recipe ideas. (Hugs)Indigo

jeleasure said...

Now, for some reason I feel like going down stairs and baking a pizza. It is 10pm!
So, I set out to find new blogger friends I can have some positive interaction and what do I get? I'm confronted with 'cheesecake bars'! Now, I have a need to get a cheese fix. And I'm on my way.

Woman on a Mission said...

Hi all. Thanks for the comments and thank you for stopping by. Yeah...I'm not a natural born any means. Frankly, I rather stink at it. But these recipes make sense and I think I can do them. Hubs and I made a taco salad that was on the website to bring to one of our small group couples who just had a baby. I was so wanting to keep it and bring the couple some KFC...but I like them so I decided they could have the taco salad...but I'm so making it for us soon.

jeleasure - sorry about the cheesecake bars. See...that's what you get for making friends with random people who just happen to love sweets. It gets dangerous. They are as awesome as they look...I promise you that.

David Richardson said...

The Youtube clip on the Advent Conspiracy is...powerful! Really moving. Thanks so much for posting that.

Oh're doing a really nice job with your blog. I always enjoy my visits here. :)


jeleasure said...


You may not be interested in visiting this blog as he mainly writes about The Nebraska State Corn Huskers and music.

Anyway, I have a new blogger for you to visit. His interest are in Christianity, music and The Nebraska State Corn Huskers. See what you can do to interact with him and maybe add a link.

Here is his link nutuba

Heather Nicole said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm always searching for new recipes to try out!

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