Saturday, November 22, 2008

I KNOW my Redeemer Lives!!!

There is something I have to share with you. It is one of the most loving, inclusive and awe-inspiring things I have ever seen. Grab your're going to need them. This, my friends, is what LOVE is. This is Christ's LOVE in action. This is the length a great father will go for his child. This is the length our Father has gone for us. May you be blessed by this and share it with others so that they too can see with their own eyes what LOVE really means.

Visit for more information and photos. The brief synopsis/lead below is from their website and written by David Tereshchuk.

Dick and Rick Hoyt are a father-and-son team from Massachusetts who together compete just about continuously in marathon races. And if they’re not in a marathon they are in a triathlon — that daunting, almost superhuman, combination of 26.2 miles of running, 112 miles of bicycling, and 2.4 miles of swimming. Together they have climbed mountains, and once trekked 3,735 miles across America.

It’s a remarkable record of exertion — all the more so when you consider that Rick can't walk or talk.

For the past twenty five years or more Dick, who is 65, has pushed and pulled his son across the country and over hundreds of finish lines. When Dick runs, Rick is in a wheelchair that Dick is pushing. When Dick cycles, Rick is in the seat-pod from his wheelchair, attached to the front of the bike. When Dick swims, Rick is in a small but heavy, firmly stabilized boat being pulled by Dick.

Now watch the video:


Becky said...
I first saw Team Hoyt in this video...and I cried the whole way thru it....and still do

Woman on a Mission said...

Becky - Thank you for posting that link. I've seen that too. You know, this story is just so powerful. It really melts my heart.

jeleasure said...

Thanks for sharing this. I recall seeing this on television. I wish I had known my Pastor was going to speak about his (my pastor's) competing in the Iron Man competition and that you may have posted this as a reminder earlier. I would have liked to have shared it with him. I think I will, any way.

I have not been able to do much blogging this week. So, I am posting a link to my site, as I have published a new entry. Click here to go to Journaling For Growth.
Thanks, Jim

Vicki said...

I've either seen your heard about this father and son team. It is touching, and loving.
I also liked your Utube on giving of yourself instead of material things.
Blessings to you, Woman on a Mission.

Nitewrit said...

I remember seeing this team a few years ago on TV. It is an amazing story.

Larry E.

Indigo said...

I've heard about the father, so team before. No matter how I come across them again. They are still inspiring. To love a child so much...(Hugs)Indigo

Darryl said...

The Team Hoyt video (available on is a great illustration for several different topics. I've used it three or four times with different groups during the past four years.

Thanks for sharing this inspirational story with your audience!

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