Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Little Heartache and A Little Hope

I'm exhausted this morning. Though it wasn't as late a night as I had predicted it was going to be, I couldn't seem to sleep just the same. There is no doubt that last night was historic and I'm excited to live in a country that has moved passed race issues enough to elect a black man to the U.S. presidency. I'm honored to have been a part of this and to be able to share the stories of this time with my children and grand-children.

That being said, I must admit that I'm a bit heart broken this morning. I, like many Americans, voted for the other guy. I didn't vote against Obama's color, that was never an issue for me. I just felt more confident and secure with McCain. So, like many Americans, I awake this morning trying to fight the concern I have for my future and the future of this country. I do not know for sure that Obama will not do a wonderful job as president, nor do I know for sure he'll do a terrible job. What I do know, is that he is headed into one of the worst economic situations imaginable and his is a job I wouldn't want. What I do know is that no matter what anyone thinks, this man is going to have a rough four years. There is a lot of mess to clean up and this country needs a good deal of healing. What I do know is that Obama and the rest of our elected officials are going to need our prayers. We need to prayer for their leadership, guidance and wisdom. We need to pray that they lead with a spirit of shalom and that they truly strive for what is right for all and not just a few.

I must also admit that as a woman, I'm a bit heart broken that yet again, a woman will not make it to high elected office. I guess I always figured that our country would open her arms to many different possibilities for president (race, culture) before it opened it's mind enough to a female president or vice president. However, in the process of all of this, I can look at the positive side and take a glimmer of hope that we as a country have at least evolved to the point that we are realizing that anything can happen and Obama being elected is helping to pave the way for someday the door being opened to a woman. I will continue to long for that day and I'm sure when it comes I will be as emotionally overcome as many African Americans were last night. To feel embraced, accepted and to realize you've just done something people have told you you'd never do. The women in Seneca Falls all those years ago dreamed of a day when women could vote and dreamed harder for a day, someday when a woman could lead. Never would they have thought we'd have gotten this far so quickly. If we look back in our history books or life (for some of you old folks, ha), the 60s gave us hope for unity but the idea that in this short amount of time, someone of an oppressed people, could rise up, that is historic and beautiful whether you like Obama or not.

I still have my worries and I'm still concerned about the future of this country and I still think my candidate would have been better. That's just honesty. However, none of that matters now. I cannot change the vote. What I can do is be a leader in myself and to join my country in the fight to make it better. I can continue to care enough for her to fight for what's right, to lead with grace and to pray for her.


David Richardson said...

My friend, this post is a home run.

I agree with you 100%. Obama did not receive my vote, but he now will receive my support. I, like you, will support him with my prayers, and I will wish him well.

As for the ladies: I think we'll see it happen one day. Personally, I liked Sarah Palin. For someone who had very little experience with big-time media, she did well. I was proud of her effort, and I hope she will not "go away." Someday, I think we'll see a lady get a big-time leadership position in American government.

Thanks again for a great post. :)

beloved Mama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :o)

Woman on a Mission said...

Thanks all. I love being a part of the blogging community and the community of Christ.

Tracy said...

Beautifully spoken my friend. Couldn't agree with you more.

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