Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not Just A Bunch of Kung Fu-ey

Kung Fu Panda

Last night, my little family went to the grocery store to grab up some grubbage when my little Hambone decided that he must have the "Pana" movie. Well, he behaved incredibly well during the hideously boring task of grocery shopping, so mommy gave in. We had seen it together when it came out in the theatre, but, well, you know, movies are always different the second go around.

The first time you see a movie you see whats on the surface. The second time you start to get the 'real' message being portrayed. The third time, you start to find all of the movie production "fu-paws." (Sorry, I had to).

Once we got home and put everything away, we ate dinner and then watched "Pana" together. And this time, I mean I REALLY watched it. There is a scene between the two masters where the wise turtle tells his counter part something very profound. He tells his counter part that his mind is like the water. When it's agitated, it becomes hard to see. But when there is peace, one can see clearly.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this since. Before I met my husband and son at the store, I had some church work I was attending to. Something happened there that really set me off. I mean, I was angry, disappointed, frustrated, hurt...did I mention angry. And then the fact that I was angry made me angrier because I know I'm not supposed to be angry but I can't help but be angry so now my anger is going into warp speed and frankly, it's one big angry mess. So then, when I sit down and watch this 'childrens' movie, I get this message about peace.

Look, its not that I don't want peace, I love peace...look for it every day. It's just that the situation was raw and, well, I'm human. I didn't act out on the anger I was just trying to work through it and this jolly ol' Pana movie made it make sense. God really does work in mysterious ways and certainly meets you right where your at...even in a Pana movie.

The lesson I got from this is that sometimes life takes us by surprise and not always in a good way. It's when the winds of chaos start to blow that the waters of our minds get agitated and when agitated, no one can see clearly. I'm not the only one who has had this problem. I seem to recall a situation between a certain guy named Jesus, a boat with some 'dudes' in it and a stormy sea. When the waters became agitated, the men cried out for Jesus's help and there was that little thing Jesus said. Oh yeah, "ye of little faith."

When I let my mind get agitated, I need to reach for Jesus in hopes of peace. My faith must be in that it will all be okay. I will not sink, even, as in the song below, the flood starts rising. I need to come before God with a spirit of peace, and a mind of calm waters. When I let the anger and agitation go so I can see clearly in peace, I will find my answers. They are always there. God is always there. My savior is always there. It's what I do with my free will, my mind, my waters, that's paramount.

Amazing what one can learn from a little Pana movie.


Nitewrit said...

I saw a comment you left at Tamela's Place and that led me here. What thoughtful, beautiful posts you write. I'm glad I came. It gives one pause reading those statistics about what we spend, especially at Christmas, doesn't it? And it is easy to overlook the least among us, especially when the least may be doing well in the secular sence, but may thirst for the Word and hunger for salvation. We need to be attuned to those in need where it may not be obvious.

By the way, it is sometimes okay to be angry. Jesus sometimes got angry. We just need examine whether it is the right kind of anger or not.

I'm adding your Blog to my Follow list. I hope you stop by and visit my site some time. It is called "Night Writing in the Morning Light. You cn get to it at


Indigo said...

Thanks for stopping by my little island of thoughts. Something a wise elder said to me years ago (Took me forever to actually get it)was, "When you learn to quiet the noise in your head, only then will you be able to heart your heart." On so many levels it makes sense. (Hugs)Indigo

Greg said...

Good point! Came over from a comment you left on another blog.

Kung Fu Panda is one of our favorites, too. It's the family record holder for the number of times we've watched it in the theater (three!), which is saying much, since we almost never go to the movies.

I too have problems with anger. I get over it very quickly, but I'm praying for the Lord to give me more peace, so I don't get over that threshold. Anger comes because things or people don't turn out the way we want them to. The key to staying at peace is putting into practice the knowledge that God is in control of it all. In fact, whatever the situation you're facing, take comfort in knowing that God saw it coming an eternity ago, and He's had all eternity to work out the solution. :)

Ahh, now don't you feel better? :)

jeleasure said...


This is a nice post about anger. Funny to say something so profound. I wonder, will your children remember the lesson about when one's mind gets angry it becomes like water that has been stirred. It seems a complicated message to teach children. Maybe it is something that will stick with them for the animated imagery and the lesson will be clearly seen at some point later in their lives. I can recall a few times in my life when I did not understand something and eventually the answer was so clear.

O.k., about blog list and link list and follower list... I am going to write something on word and hopefully I'll be able to paste it in the comment window.

jeleasure said...

What you have on the right side bar is a 'blog list'. This is different from a 'link list'. As you are aware, your blog list will updated, every time someone in your list posts a new blog item on their blog. I prefer this list over a link list, because it is helpful in keeping track of whom you have visited in turn to whom has posted a blog. Here are the instructions.

1st. Copy the link you want to add. My link is
from the blog you want to add, this is in the address bar at the top of the page you are visiting and want to add.

2nd, Go to your Dash Board. Under your blog title, you will see 'Layout'. Click on 'Layout'.

3rd. Once you've clicked on 'Lay out', a screen will appear with boxes that have pre-set parameters. To the right, you will have to find the box named for your blog list. I think you named it "My Blog Friends". This is where your blog list is stored. Hit 'edit' in that box.

4th. A screen will appear that has a box that will say 'New Site URL' next to it. Remove the http:// that is in that box already and paste the address you copied previously into that box.

5th. The add link button will light up when you have entered a name for the link. Click on the add link button.

6th. Then click on 'save'.

You've just added my link to your blog list. It should say, "Journaling For Growth". Don't worry if it just stays at the bottom and does not appear as everyone elses does. Mine has something wrong that began months ago. It has something to do with a link I put in a blog. I will probably go back and remove all links to fix the problem.

Francois said...

Nice one Tiffany. As always you always bring a fresh perspective to a subject.

Haven`t seen "Pana" yet but am looking forward to it. I`m a big Jack Black fan, so I`m bound to love it!

Heather Nicole said...

I think its cute that you call your son hambone.

My maiden name is Hamm (as in Mia Hamm) and so my father would call my brother hammbone.

Anyway, this was a great post, thanks!

Woman on a Mission said...

Heather -
Thanks. We got it from a Will Ferrel SNL skit. We were watching the best of Will one night while I was pregnant and this skit came on with Will as a college frat guy on Weekend Update and he did a 'shout out' to a frat brother and said "HAMBONE!!". I was laughing so hard and then my son kicked me really hard. So, I knew he was going to be a funny guy. And he has been. He does the most randomly hilarious we call him Hambone.

Woman on a Mission said...

Nitewrit -
Thank you for your awesome comments. That means a lot to me. I try and work through the anger. The thing I keep trying to remind myself is that I'm human and it's okay to be imperfect.

Woman on a Mission said...

Indigo -
Great insight. Thank you for sharing that with us. That is something I won't forget.

Woman on a Mission said...

Greg -
Right on! Thank you for coming back and I hope you come back. Wow...3 times in the theater? That's awesome. We never go to the movies's so expensive any more. We've become Netflix junkies. The last movie I saw several times in the theater was Titanic and that was because I was being a silly girl. :)

Woman on a Mission said...

Francois -
Oh you must see the Pana movie!!!! It comes highly suggested by a toddler. :)
Jack Black does a great job. I find him pretty funny too. I loved School of Rock.

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