Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday - A Look at this Day in Holy Week

The Last Supper by Da Vinci

Maundy Thursday, also know as Holy Thursday or Great Thursday, is the day directly preceding Good Friday. Today, is Maundy Thursday. But what happened on this day so long ago that we remember every Easter season?

Four main events occurred on Thursday. The first, is Christ washing the feet of his disciples. The second is, as pictured so famously above, the last supper or Eucharist - Christ's celebration of the passover with the disciples. Third is the time Jesus spent in the Garden of Gethsemane in prayer with God. And finally, this day is a rememberance of the betrayal of Judas.

Many churches in various denominations celebrate and recognize Maundy Thursday. You may find your own church or churches near you holding services Thursday and Friday night this week as well as Easter morning.

It is so easy for us to only remember the resurrection story and although that is a pivotal chapter, we can not fully appreciate the weight it carries if we do not acknowledge and understand the events that unfolded before that glorious day. We must remember the fully human Jesus, who suffered, who prayed, who was humble and who was forgiving. We must remember why it is we partake in Eucharist or Holy Communion. You know, I find a great comfort in picturing my savior in the garden with God this night. Knowing that Christ had human feelings, that he prayed and asked for God's help, is the beauty of the essence of Christ. And to know, that even knowing all that he did, Christ surrendered himself to God's will. Something very few of us can claim we do...surrendering to God's will over our own.

Tomorrow is a heavy day filled with emotion and grief and despair. But for many it is also filled with hope, but, that's because we know the rest of the story. Tonight and tomorrow, as you reflect on the Crucifixion of our Lord, think about how it might have felt to have been at his feet and to see your faith and your hope crucified along with your Lord. How great that despair must have felt. Also reflect on the sacrifice to be made tomorrow. God wasn't the only one who sacrificed Jesus for us. Christ willing sacrificed himself. Jesus is divine, but he was also human. He knew what it was like to have our fears and emotions and he said yes to this great suffering for us, for the Kingdom of God. There is much more to all of this than just Easter bunnies and Lily's. Feed your soul and seek the truth.


Nitewrit said...


And today is April 12, have a joyful day.

Christ is risen.

Larry E.

freddie said...

I hope you had a holy Easter
ciao from Italy

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