Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We're Having a Heatwave

It's another smokin' hot day here in Sunny Okieville and the forecast offers little in the way of a cool down. But, as I sit here making my contribution to the Blogosphere, clouds are moving in from the west and skies are teasing the poor folk of my community with possible rain showers. Weather or not it rains is yet to be seen, but I'm hoping for a nice afternoon shower.

I'm not sure if you've dialed into the news today, but there are a couple of stories that have really caught my eye and I just feel the need to jabber about them for awhile.

How awesome is the story about the journalists returning home? Thank God for their safe return. It warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes to see them reunited with family. Irregardless of political agendas, the outcome of this situation for those women and their families was a positive one. I think we often loose track of what's really important for us to focus on. I mean, Jesus didn't say love only the leaders you politically agree with. He said love everyone! No out clause folks. I'm not particularly fond of our current leadership, nor am I happy (to say the very least) about our economy and other such matters concerning government solutions to global problems, but...I do believe in doing things the Jesus way and disagreeing with love...not hatefulness. The world is watching what we're doing. Our country needs to come together like a real family and share in the joys, like these women coming home and the many efforts made by people of both parties to bring them home. We won't always agree, but we are family, and I guess every family has that "crazy" uncle that we all want to avoid. Anyway, *snaps* for our country bringing home two extraordinary women. This is a JOY friends.

In other news...WHAAAAT? No Paula Abdul on American Idol? What am I going to fast forward through now? Just kidding. I love Paula...she's "forever" our girl and there's no doubt that with her and Simon "opposites attract". She'll be missed. I guess I'm kinda shocked she's gone, but, eight seasons ain't bad lady. Who wants to take bets on how long it will take for her to get on Dancing With the Stars? I'm guessing a season, 2 at the max. Which by the way, anyone else hear that Dean McDermott, otherwise known as Mr. Tori Spelling is considering DWTS? It could be an interesting season in reality TV. It could just mean more time spent hanging out with the Duggars.

Lifting up many prayers today for the families of the victims of the Fitness Center massacre that took place yesterday. How tragic! Also, prayers for those who were injured as they will be enduring the memory of the incident.

A friend and co-worker of mine lost his grandmother-in-law this morning after a battle with Alzheimer's. Please lift up all families who are faced with Alzheimer's. Mine was and it has since been a personal mission to help families and raise money to try and find a cure. Speaking of, go to and find out when the Memory Walk is talking place in your area and get involved. It's a nice walk, the kiddos LOVE it - even spouses too...and, it's for a GREAT cause.

So, the braces came off yesterday. I'm loving it, but now I can't figure out how to smile. I think I look goofy in the different faces I put on. The dentist is now talking Veneers and I'm think that = more mula so dream on!!! Though I would love it...still, dream on.

Okay all you guys and gals, it's time for me to jet for now. Have an amazing day and remember to look up when things are pulling you down.

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