Friday, January 15, 2010

"Dining With Myself"

I have a confession to make.  I LOVE Glee.  No, I really love Glee.  I've downloaded every song on iTunes and I stayed awake on the way to KC by blarring Glee tunes.  Note: dancing and rocking out to Proud Mary while driving seriously frightens other drivers.

This morning I woke up after sleeping "in" for like the first time in lawd knows how long and I was singing the tune "Dancing with Myself".  This is partly to blame on my recent obsession with Glee but on my other and long standing facination and love for all things 80s (rock on Billy Idol).  The other reason why I presume I woke up singing this diddy is two-fold: 1) I'm alone in KC this weekend (F/S/S) which mean no hubs, no Ham.  I've been brainstorming about what I'm going to do and I think I'm going to date myself this weekend.  You know, take it back new school and live on the edge a little - take myself to dinner, to a movie, a little bookshop extravaganza (I promise I will not buy any more books Hubs...fingers and toes crossed) and of course some coffee shop time at the Sbux.  2) The other reason why I'm "a dancin' with myself" this morning is because I watched my favorite HB Oh-no ladies last night on some TBS SATC re-runs.  Have I told you how much I love SATC?  Well...I do.  Anyway, my girls were going it single style last night and it inspired me.  The last clip of the show was Carrie taking herself out for lunch and embracing being alone...I mean not really alone, but embracing the silence, embracing the opportunity to date herself, embracing the empowerment to sit at a table with out her cell, a book, a compannion or any other 'alone at a table distractions'.  It was just Carrie at a table and she was loving it.

I believe I'm going to step out this weekend in Carrie style and not feel awkward for sitting at a table alone, rather I'm going to embrace this marvelous and rare opportunity to date myself.

What will you do for yourself this weekend?

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Happy Friday!

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summernicole said...

I'm SO with you on Glee!!! My special someone burned me two soundtracks of Glee and I've listened to them non stop ALL day at work and in the car on the way to and from work, can't get enough. Yes, that last sentence was not grammatically correct and a run on sentence and I don't care, haha! I may need Glee rehab, speaking of the song rehab is GREAT. Okay, maybe Glee rehab won't help any, I'm addicted and I'm not seeing any problem with it. I don't know how I got through the day before Glee.

I'm all for dating yourself, I did that for 2.5 years and came to love it! I LOVED my friday's, I would go home, change into my pj's, pick out my favorite music or favorite movie or go rent myself a movie and eat my favorite things. I also came to really enjoy barnes and noble, nothing beats "me, myself and I" time better than a good book and a starbucks drink in hand.

Kate said...

I love Glee too!! How much fun dating yourself. Treat yourself right!

Christy said...

We have not had Glee broadcast over here and will not be watching it, no matter how much I love music. I've become very aware with GOD leading me that watching shows that encourage homosexuality, teen sex, etc is not what I should be putting into my head or chancing my children seeing.

I am part of:

and it's been such a blessing to me and has helped me to see before ever having to expose myself or my family to various tv shows, allows me to pray and seek GOD's wisdom on what I should be exposing mysef and family to.

Marcia said...

We have school holidays almost over here in Australia, so doing things for me is centred around keeping my daughter occupied and not whinging that she is bored.

But the thing I do for myself every other week, when I drop her at school and hubby at the airport for his fortnightly flight to work (yep, love single mumhood!!) I take myself to the coffee shop, buy the paper, get the biggest hot chocolate they sell and chill for a couple of hours. No interruptions, switch off to everyone else around me - just me and that drink ... bliss! My treat to myself every couple of weeks.

:) Marcia

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