Saturday, January 23, 2010

A "Fritz" of Fun!

I spent today milling around Kansas City with my Hubs and my Ham. We had a wonderful suggestion to go to a little KC classic dive called "Fritz's Railroad Restaurant". Since Ham loves trains, we decided we'd go and check it out. The food was a bit yummy, yet very greasy and "dive"-ish. The bill was a little fluffy...but, the company was priceless and the atmosphere was super fun for a train lovin' boy and his parents.

As we walked in, they gave Ham his own little train hat.

Making funny faces at my husband.

My Boys

You ordered your food at the table with the phone.

Beside the table was an enclosed train track where a train goes around the restaurant.

This is the track the train takes to bring your food to the table.
Drinks are hand delivered...can you just imagine if they didn't?

The train has a tray below the tracks that carry a container of food.
A metal arm slaps down over the table the food belongs to which slides the container on to the platform below which lowers slowly to the table.

Our food being delivered.

Ham eating his grilled cheese and fries.  He approved.

 Ham, chocolate shake and a fun kid-sized train car to hang out in.


We had a wonderful time and a wonderful day together.
I love my family.
Thank you God for blessing me with the opportunity to share my life with these two beautiful creations of yours.

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Just Me said...

So Cute!

Believer said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Nothing like memories made with the family.

Christy said...

My grandpa used to own a resturant under the railroad tracks about 25 years ago! (He worked and retired from Santa Fe). When we eventually move back, and go visit my grandpa we'll have to take a trip into KC and go here, my kids would enjoy this!!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Fun pictures!! :)

BTW, I love the Remember Haiti graphic that you have at the bottom of your blog...would you mind sharing where you found it?

Andrea said...

That place looks wicked awesome! My kids would love it there! Hope your weekend was great.

Freddae' said...

It's a great place for kiddos...atmosphere wise. We had a good time, but don't expect to be getting a health conscious meal at a greasy spoon...just fyi.

Mrs Southern Bride: I usually document or cite the images I use, but this one came to me via an email forward so unfortunately, I don't have anyone or anywhere to link or credit it to. If you can find someone to credit, let me know and I'll add a link.

w said...

that looks awesome! wish we had something like that. except. the phone on the table. yeah. that might be a problem. my girls would be picking that thing up and babbling in it and the servers will be like... um. we don't have blagablurabllthpptlllthhh on the menu.

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