Friday, January 22, 2010

A Prayer for Haiti - A Hope for Haiti
Watch the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon on the E! Channel.
iTunes is compiling all the music heard on the telethon to benefit Haiti.

I heard a story today.
A friend of mine lost a friend who was in Haiti for mission work.
This man was a hymn writer, a music lover, a worship leader.
As the building began to crumble, his wife escaped, looking back only to see her husband consumed by the dust and the weight of the rubble.
She reports that later on she could hear him singing. 
He was singing songs to God.  Praising God. 
Through the agony and the pain, it was him and God.
Sadly, he did not make it, but he is now part of a heavenly chorus.

This is just one of many similar stories of the earthquake victims and their relentless faith in God.  Through the suffering, they remained, focused on the God that loved them, the God the suffered with them and the God that brought them comfort and peace.
I pray that I can be that brave in the coming days and years of my life.

Haiti has deeply touched the core of my being.  I am forever changed.
At the core of our faith is an energy, a power that enables us to love one another and through that love we are empowered to care for one another.  We have failed at living out of love.  We hurt the ones we love daily and we neglect others who ask for our love.  I pray that we can learn to see past our differences, to see God in the eyes of the suffering, to refuse to not to do something, to resolve ourselves to Soul Work.

I can't look at the faces of these children and not cry.  Not just the little ones, but the children of God in all ages.  What if I were Haitian and what if I had been taken by the earthquake but my son had lived.  Would someone, somewhere, reach out to love him for me?  What if a tradgedy like this happened in my neighborhood tomorrow?  What if I couldn't find my family, my parents, my husband, my child?  Would someone see my face and love me?

I pray for all of those lives lost, those who are desperately looking for their families, the parents who have lost children and the children who are now orphans.  I pray for the sick, the broken that they might receive healing.  I pray that the water becomes clean, the medical relief arrives in abundance.  I pray that the food reaches the bellies of the hungry and the love of God is never far from the hearts of the suffering in this world.  I pray that God uses each of us in ways that can help heal each other and I pray we're open to the Holy Spirit moving us.  I pray we can see God in the faces and tears of Haiti.

I pray for Haiti.

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Suzanne said...

I feel the same way. I am putting together a video presentation for our church so we can take an offering for Haiti and my heart is breaking over the images that I see from there...

A 2 Z said...

It sure makes us think how lucky we are to be with our families. Its difficult to watch on a daily basis. Montreal has one of the biggest Haitian community in NA. There has been problems with violence in the last few years. It now appears that the silver lining to this disaster will help bring us together as one.

Believer said...

Your post and prayers are moving. It shows the heart of God concerning this tragedy and nudges us all to move in the direction of prayer and assistance. Furthermore, the resounding message in between each line is love, and we know that God is love! :)

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