Sunday, February 7, 2010

On Fire - Preparing for the 2010 Olympics

 2010 Winter Olympics: February 12th - February 28th

 There are few things I enjoy watching on TV more than I enjoy the Olympics.  As a kid I would pretend I was in the Olympics.  As an adult I pretend I have enough money to actually watch the Olympics in person or hop on my Wii and pretend I'm in the Olympics.  As a humanitarian I enjoy the short time we have as a world every two years where we actually realize we are all a part of one whole and unified creation...under God (whether some choose to acknowledge that part or not).  And yes, I tend to cry during the Olympics because I love watching people conquer adversity with heart and perseverance. 

Since October 30th, the torch has been making its way to Vancouver where the 2010 Winter Olympics cauldron will be lit this Friday, February 12th.  NBC will be covering the games and will broadcast opening ceremonies beginning at 7:30pm EST.  Go to to find out more about local scheduling and TV times.  This site allows you to put in your zip code and your TV provider in order to give you the most accurate schedule.  For a broad schedule of the games, go to the main website of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and/or

I'm going to be blogging and yes, even "vlogging" (video blogs) about the Olympics, so be sure to make CGM a daily stop for Olympic commentary and read what others have to say too.  In honor of the Olympic games, I will be awarding (in image form) a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal to the three top commentators on CGM during the games.  Each day you comment, you get a CGM Olympic Point.  The three with the most points will receive medals during a very special closing ceremony.  Fun, fun, fun!!!
So let's get ready for the games!  Tell me what you look forward to watching the most: Shaun White shred some serious slope during snowboarding competition, couples figure skating that DOES NOT include Will Ferrell in tights, hockey at its finest (one word: Miracle)?  Something else?

Coming This Week:
Monday - Must See Movies to Tone You Up for the Olympics
Tuesday - The Olympics and Your Kids (A Must Read)
Wednesday - A Special "Guest" Article on Maximizing Your Health w/ Confidence
Thursday - Finding God in Competitive Sports
Friday - Opening Ceremonies

Grab the CGM Olympic Button

(Let me know you put this on your blog or FB and you'll automatically get 5 CGM Olympic Points to go towards your medal).

Be sure to stay tuned to my Olympic coverage via CGM and my Twitter (click here to follow).  Also, follow the official Olympic Twitter at

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Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours—it's great to find fellow Christian women. :) And I am SO excited about the winter Olympics. I get so touched and so emotional at the gravity of the event.

Jen said...

HOW FUN!!! I love the Olympics!! I've been looking forward to these Winter games since the Fall!

Of Course I LOVE figure skating (My favorite!)I also enjoy watching the down hill skying and snowboarding competitions. My sister is a HUGE hockey fan so yes, hockey is a favorite too! I love it all and yes, like you I love the over all emotional part!! And I too wish and pretend I was athletic enough to be an Olympian!!

I am snagging your button and look forward to joining in on the Olympic talk!! Maybe I'll get the GOLD after all! Hahaha!!!

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Believer said...

WOW! I really dig your Olympics button. The graphic artist who created it has mad skills. ;)

Freddae' said...

Thanks, Believer! I bought it from iStock Photo so I can't take total credit...but I did the words. I'm pretty proud of the final product.

All - thanks for your comments. The Olympics are just so fun and I'm excited to enjoy them with you this year.

ivision4u said...

I would like to share the experience of being in Whistler for the Olympics with the world. The Virtual Whistler Olympic Blog was created to provide visitors, the ability to explore whistler virtually and see where everything is happening. Ski the slopes or walk through the village remotely. Take the time to post your experiences and we will try to place your comments into the virtual environment for others to experience. Guest Posting and Linking to other relevant blogs are welcome.

Mom of Many said...

Great blog! Stopping by and following from SITS. Have a blessed day my sister in Christ!

Amanda said...

Cha ching! Exciting!

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