Monday, September 29, 2008

Drive-Thru Jesus

It use to be that I was a person who, not much different from now, found herself constantly busy with this activity or that meeting, or my family or...well, you get it. When things got a little hairy, a little messy, I'd think to myself that maybe what I was lacking was a little Jesus. I might have said a prayer. I might have cried and complained to Jesus about the challenges I was facing. I might have decided that this was the week I really needed to go to church and get some Jesus. Sound familiar?

The difference between then and now, is that I've realized the error in that thinking. There is no doubt about it, life gets busy and we get occupied with the various demands on our time. It's hard to multi-task and make sure that everything in our day planner goes as planned. It's difficult as a mom to juggle all the different "unimportant" (ha) things you have to do plus squeeze in a little me time in the form of night out with the girls, date night with hubs, spiritual meditation time, exercise, a productive prayer life...oh yeah, and a little Jesus.

In today's world, everyone wants a Drive-Thru Jesus. With kids in tow, Starbucks grande mocha in hand and blue tooth device on, we pull up and ask for miracles and answered prayers...and oh, "I'd like those Super Sized please." We have to remember that Jesus isn't an option on our menu, but so much more. Jesus makes all that we do possible. The God we love so much is the one who puts in overtime, never takes a day off, never enjoys early dismissal Friday's and certainly never takes a sick day...and all for us. Don't you think we owe God a little more than just a rushed order of things we want and a small payment for whatever we receive? And with this same analogy, how often do you thank the person in the drive through for your meal? So, how often do you thank God for those Super Sized blessings that have been given to you? Do you thank God, or do you just take your order and drive off not even acknowledging the service that was given?

I'm not much of a fast food kinda gal, but this analogy is perfect...especially where I am the Starbucks kinda gal. Take time to build your relationship with God. This should be the most important thing you do everyday. Your list should include many things, but always with God. Don't look to a Drive-Thru's those sins of ours that caused those nails to drive through Jesus. He deserves our love and our time. Make it happen and give thanks.

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