Monday, December 28, 2009

CGM is Going to Disney World!

Tomorrow we are heading out to Disney World for several days at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  It's been years since we've been there together as a family and this will be Ham's first time.  I'm so excited that I'm having a hard time containing it.

Of course, before the fun begins, there is work that must be done.  I just finished typing up and emailing out the family itinerary.  Yes...we're that kind of family.  We're pretty organized on paper but we have to be.  We have a lot of chiefs, very few Indians.  The itinerary or agenda is a basic outline to keep us all on track and so that we have a general plan of what we're doing before we get there.  It sounds obsessive...but it's a family trip saver.  Without it, all h-e-double hockey sticks could break loose.  That being said, when organized and on one page, my family travels wonderfully together and we create lasting memories.

So, the agenda is done, the reservations for dinners made, camera batteries charged.  I'm down to the nitty gritty of packing, which I loathe, but must do.  Our flight takes off at 6am tomorrow so do the equals an EARLY flight.  But, it means we're in early enough to enjoy some time at a park.  We'll be there over the new year which will be fun and different, especially since Hubs and I are boring and lame these days and rarely attend parties anymore because well, babysitters cost enough as the mortgage (vast exageration...sorta).

I'm really through the roof excited and I can't wait.  This is one of my favorite places in the whole world and to be able to share it with my son is simply divine.  I'm going to try to blog from Disney World, so stay tuned as that unfolds.  Also, if anyone is planning a trip to WDW and needs some tips, let me know.  I may even post some travel guides to accompany it.  Trust me...I have studied my booty off...ARH!!!  I'm getting in pirate mode if you can't tell.  I am looking forward to the Fanny Pack Scramble...this is a game I like to play to count how many people I see wearing Fanny Pack's.  Speaking of...I better jet and get to bedazzling mine.


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Andrea said...

Have fun!!

Freddae' said...

Thanks, Andrea!

The Mommyologist said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Lauren said...

Have fun! I've been twice, and my parents took me during the summer both times and it was ridiculously hot. So hopefully the weather will be more comfortable for y'all this time of year. Be sure to check out the Tree of Life. One of my favorite things in Animal Kingdom. And the Aerosmith themed Rockin' Rollercoaster is the best ride of entire Disney WORLD, but your son would probably be way too young to ride it. My parents and I rode it six times in a row both times we've been. Anyway, have fun and have a Happy New Year down there!


Just Me said...

I can't wait to read tour posts from Disney!! I love magic Kingdom, and Epcott. Sooooo fun!!

Heather Nicole said...

How cool...Santa and Mickey in one week! Ham must be thrilled!!!

Have fun and please dont wear a fanny pack :)

Rachel M. said...

Have fun in Disney World!

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