Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Wrap-Up '09

Celebrating the birth of Christ is always a spiritual and hope-filled time for us.  We enjoyed spending special time with loved ones, missed terribly those who are no longer with us and those who could not be with us, and enjoyed the blessing of a rare Southern white Christmas.  The weather that blew into our area Thursday (Christmas Eve) was quite unheard of.  We live in Oklahoma and we received 14 inches of snow.  From my understanding, we haven't seen snow like this since the 40s.  Needless to say, it was quite record breaking and our governor issued a state of emergency...and you'd understand why if you were here.  The road conditions are just terrible and being that we are not a state accustomed to such weather, we were NOT prepared.  Plows and sand trucks have only made it to the main highways.  City streets and our neighborhoods are messy.  Our neighborhood looks a bit like a car graveyard as people returning from the holiday's cannot access their driveways and the streets, in places, are virtually impassible.  It really is quite something.  The blizzard conditions we faced Thursday caused churches around the state to regrettably close their doors for Candlelight Services.  My dad and I attempted to make it to ours as he has 4 wheel drive.  He and our pastor had to push out a stuck car from the parking lot.  I fear had services not been canceled, many would have been stranded, but what better place to be stranded that at church, huh?

Hubs and I took Ham and traveled to my parents (15 minutes away) on Thursday afternoon and we stayed there for safety reasons until Saturday morning.  Hubs and I spent over an hour shoveling our driveway to get my car in...that was an experience.  Our neighbor helped get an elderly woman's car unstuck but on his way back to his car, he shattered his ankle.  Several others have been unable to get their cars out at all.  It was a beautiful white Christmas and I love, love, love the snow, but I wish the roads were much safer.  Who could have predicted this though?

Christmas was difficult as we all missed my grandmother terribly.  I don't think my heart stopped hurting the entire time, but we got through it as a family.   We channeled our suffering in positive family Wii Bowling.  That was a GREAT time!

Below is a little photo journal of our Christmas.  Hope you all were blessed this Christmas.

Not our house but an awesome one my brother told us to go check out.  It was amazing.

This is why we call him Ham.  This is just before our Christmas Eve dinner.

My family by the tree at mom and dad's.

Yeah baby!  Momma got a Wii and a Wii fit.  I'm thrilled.  Not so sure my body has any clue what is about to happen to it.

My boys in their new Avalanche hats.  Makes a momma proud.

Look what Santa brought!  He was threw the roof.

 Snow drifts at mom and dad's.

Ham playing in the snow.

Ham, Beagle Boy, Hubs and my brother around my car.

Ham and Beagle Boy taking on the drifts.

Ham and I posing with the snow.

Me and my beagle.  He loved the snow too!

Yes...I really am this happy about a White Christmas.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the snow!

My brother making Wii Bowling look good!

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